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The Kairos Inside Team
A Kairos Inside Team is made up of Christian volunteers who have agreed to be part of the Kairos Program. Team members have individually prepared themselves for this journey by participating in their own "street" version of a Kairos Weekend. Further, since the focus of the Kairos ministry is to bring Residents into a Prayer-and-Share fellowship and with the realization those ideas are best expressed when authentically modeled, all Kairos Team members are encouraged to be in an ongoing Prayer-and-Share, or a Reunion Accountablity group.

The Team is led by a Weekend Leader, a lay person who was prayerfully selected by the Kairos Advisory Council and approved by the State Chapter.

The Kairos Team is divided into two groups. The INSIDE TEAM must be made up of persons of the same gender as the incarcerated Participants. This group actually goes inside the prison and takes the Kairos experience to the Participants. The second group is the SUPPORT TEAM which can be of mixed gender. This group works outside the prison to supply the support needed for Kairos. Usually, this involves cooking meals. Both groups make ONE Kairos Team.
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