Team Meetings
Team Meeting & Design
  1. Purpose of Team Meetings
  2.       The purpose of Teem meetings is to build a spiritual community and become the body of Christ in order to minister to the Residents.
  3. Number of Team Meetings
  4.       Regardless of how many meetings are planned, the total amount of time spent together is between 34-36 hours. The number of Team meetings depends on the local circumstances. Usually 4-8 meetings, which may include an overnight retreat will makeup the Team Formation.
  5. Activities Included in Team Meetings
    1. Theme/Scripture Discussion
    2.       Every meeting has a theme and related scripture. A time of reflection using the theme and scripture, followed by discussion by the full Team.
    1. Introductions
    2.      During the first meeting Team Members introduce themselves. Their response is to a list of prepared questions. If a Team Member misses the first meeting, he/she will have a chance to introduce themselves.
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Team Meetings
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