Prayer and Share Fellowship Groups
At the Instructional Reunion, the Residents learn about one-on-one praying and sharing in a closely knit group. These Prayer and Share group meetings are usually held weekly and are open to all who have attended a Kairos Weekend.

  1. Purpose
Every thing which the Kairos volunteers have done up to now has had as its ultimate goal the formation of the Prayer and Share group fellowships. The most powerful tool given us by the Holy Spirit is the Prayer and Share Prayer group, of which Christ is a permanent member.

  1. Overview
As members of Kairos, we must not forget that the establishment of on-going, Sprit-filled Prayer and Share groups is our goal. When Team attend Prayer and Share meetings it is not uncommon, and is in fact the norm, for Residents to ask the Team members to join their group.

 No matter how much it is appreciated by the Residents, a volunteer's presence in their Prayer and Share fellowship inhibits the openness and vulnerability of the small group members. In other words, the volunteer is an outsider who will have a detrimental impact on the intimacy of the group.
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