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First, if one is going to be close to Christ, one is going to have to go to where Christ would go and where Christ does go as indicated by the life story which we have of Him in scripture.

The second way to think about being close to Christ is in being close to His mind, to His "mind set," to His way of thinking, to His own spirituality... His own faith. To use the phrase of Paul, one should come "to know the mind of Christ."

The third thing about a close moment is that it should enhance one's sense of belonging to a body, to the Body. Christians are not in the body just for themselves; they are part of the body of Christ. They love one another, they forgive one another, and they are forgiven by one another.

A forth thing about being close to Christ is that it involves humility. It is an understanding of the fact that we have so little to give and Christ has so much to give us.

The fifth thing is that a close moment to Christ will often be a moment of deep insight into oneself. It will change one's view of life or the world in some way to move one toward growth in Christ.
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