Two Day Retreat
All Residents who have made a 3 1/2-Day Weekend are allowed to attend a Retreat held twice each year. These Retreats typically are held at the mid-point between the Weekends.

The primary purpose of the Two-Day Retreats is to give those not yet grouping some experience in the process of becoming vulnerable to other persons in the small group setting. Also, it encourages group discussion about the return of those who have drifted from the Kairos community.

The Retreat consists of eight talks, small group discussions about the talks, community and one-on-one prayer, meditations, a Q&A panel discussion and music. In some cases, fresh fruit and beverages are served. The Retreat Leader opens the retreat with an introductory talk that explains how the Weekend will work and establishes the family groups. Each talk, its discussion and prayer time will last approximately 30 minutes.
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